Hot Property

Director(s): Max McGill
Cast: MyAnna Buring (Twilight, The Descent, Ripper Street –TV, Downton Abbey -TV) Tom Rhys Harries (Hunky Dory, Ironclad: Battle for Blood, Jekyll & Hyde –TV) Alex Ferns (The Legend of Tarzan, Legend) Ella Smith (The Voices, Kill Your Friends, Cinderella) Kate Bracken (Misfits -TV)
Writer(s): Andrew Cryan, Max McGill
Producer(s): Campbell Beaton
Status: Completed
Run Time: 83 Minutes
Language: English

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Genre: Comedy

Hot Property is an anarchic satire for ‘generation rent’. An un-romantic comedy about love, greed and psychotic estate agents. Set amid London’s deranged property market and self-parodying hipster culture.

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